The 4 R’s a Man Must Have to be Marriage Material

As much as we want to be chosen as wives, did you know a man  also needs to be qualified to be a husband? At our last event, The Second Annual A.MEN Panel, one of our male panelist detailed exactly what a man needs BEFORE we consider saying ‘YES’ to the dress or the ring! What are they?



Before a man can be a husband he must have a relationship with God. If he doesn’t have a relationship with God, he won’t really know the essence of love. He won’t have a value of love which becomes problematic since everything that God made has a value to it. That’s right Ladies, YOU are valuable. Only a man who has a relationship with God will honor and respect your value through a Heavenly perspective, as you are to honor and respect him.



Secondly, a man qualifies to be a husband by having a residence. The word says, a husband shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one {Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5, Mark: 10:7}. So once a man leaves his mother and father, and their house, where will he live? If the guy you’re madly in love with asked you to marry him today where would you stay? A man should not expect a woman to take care of him and part of him preparing to be a husband means having somewhere, a place of residence, to take his wife.



The number of men who move in with a woman just to sit back and watch her go to work everyday, paying nothing more than the cable bill, amazes us. With every other bill in her name, it allows him to feel like he doesn’t have any commitment and that he isn’t responsible for anything. Before a man can be a husband, thirdly, he must have responsibility. In other words, he must be bringing something to the table. Having and keeping a job, starting and running a business, and/or taking care of his children, are all ways men show that they understand the importance of being responsible and caring for something or someone other than themselves. If you don’t have responsibility you don’t have commitment, because commitment requires responsibility.



Lastly, a man must have restraint or restriction before he can be a husband. Without it a he is liable to violate you, disrespect you, and dishonor you. Until you become a man’s bride, you belong to God. You are God’s daughter and your potential mate should treat you as such.


Ultimately, as our motto states, there’s no substitute for a relationship with God and when your heart is so lost in God, a man will have to seek Him to find you! For more about this topic, watch The Second Annual A.MEN Panel!



What are your thoughts? What are some specific things you generally look for in the men you date? Have you applied any of the one listed above before? What has been your general experience as a result?