Validate Your Feelings

There are times when we suppress, deny or minimize our feelings because we may have been not have been shown how to regulate our emotion. In addition, we may have been taught that we should not feel angry, hurt, or sad. As a result, you may have developed a habit of suppressing some emotions, wishing or praying them away. Watch Bianca talk about how to ‘Validate Your Feelings’ 


Your feelings are real. Your feelings are valid. It is ok to feel and address your feeling. The problem arises when you feeling/emotions cause you to act in way that is unproductive. For example, being abusive when you are angry.

Please find below a list of different feelings words to help identify some feelings you may not have recognized or have found difficult to name.

Thank you for watching the video blog on feelings. If you have not watched the video blog on as yet, I hope you enjoy.

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