Yearly Archives: 2015

You Are Valuable! Do You Know Your Worth?

Every person is valuable, but do you truly know how valuable you are and what your are worth? Are you short changing your worth? “read more…”

NSM Presents: Let’s Talk About Sex! A REALTalk Panel on Sex

Contrary to popular belief – SEX – is not a dirty word! It’s time to have a conversation that many Christians are afraid to approach. The truth is that God created sex and has a purpose for it! Join the ladies of No Substitute Ministries for an open and honest conversation about sex. “read more…”

Bible Study: Saturday, June 6th! Join us!



Join us if you’re in the Metro Atlanta area for bubble tea and fellowship!  Come and let us love on you, pray for you, and encourage you in the Word of God!  Hope to see you there!“read more…”

The NSM Golf Challenge is Here! “Tee Off” to Change the World!


On February 28th through March 27th, 2015, No Substitute Ministries begins a mission of global proportions – and we need YOUR help!  Click here to join now and become a golf team captain, team member, sponsor, or ambassador!  Please note: All golfers play for FREE! Why? Because what’s even more valuable to us than your money is your influence! YOUR influence and investment into the lives of women can change society as we know it!“read more…”