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I attended an NSM Prayer/Bible study about 2 years ago. I had been battling major mental oppression and extreme fear after recently suffering a miscarriage. I was tormented day night by horrible recurring images from the experience. I didn’t tell anyone…not even my husband….tried to handle it on my own. Well, during prayer that day, God gave Suzanne Daniels a word of knowledge about what I was dealing with..she called me out, saying things I had told no one but God alone and laid hands on me and prayed. The whole group joined her in prayer for me and I received prophetic wisdom from Denise Nicole and well…it seemed like everybody there ended up giving me a word from God! LOL! I was filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and crying by the end of that prayer. God even gave me a vision of the deliverance He orchestrated through that moment. The torment in my mind ENDED that day, never to return again. I will treasure that experience always as a reminder of the power of God and his undying love for me. I’ll always know he is real…in the darkest times because I can draw on the power of that moment. So thankful!!!

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