The NSM Golf Challenge is Here! “Tee Off” to Change the World!


On February 28th through March 27th, 2015, No Substitute Ministries begins a mission of global proportions – and we need YOUR help!  Click here to join now and become a golf team captain, team member, sponsor, or ambassador!  Please note: All golfers play for FREE! Why? Because what’s even more valuable to us than your money is your influence! YOUR influence and investment into the lives of women can change society as we know it!

golf challenge flyer (1)No Substitute Minstries (NSM) is a 501c3 organization that is changing the world – one relationship at a time – through the education, restoration, and protection of women!  Want to know why helping women will revolutionize the world as we know it? Let me tell you more!

Counting the Cost/ What is the price of “doing nothing”? Too high to even consider.  Did you know that crime, poverty, depression, and stress-related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes are all directly linked to the breakdown of the family and strong relationships? There is a vicious cycle in full swing.  Researchers conclude that the demographic trend with the greatest impact on poverty is changes in the family structure.  A single parent family faces a 300-600% greater likelihood to live in poverty than a two parent household (Hoynes, Page, Stevens, 2005).  Broken families produce a greater probability of disconnected parents and weakened parent-child relationships.  The strength of the parent-child bond is a leading factor in criminal behavior – children tend to develop greater connections to people that influence them towards crime (Weatherburn, 2001).  The connection to the wrong influences also increases the chance of substance abuse and victimization such as rape and abuse.  Sustained exposure to these all too common perils leads to stress, which opens the body up to sickness and disease (WebMD, 2013-14).  Women are even more susceptible to these simply because of the way we are physically and emotionally wired (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013).  The empowerment to build families and friendships, and fortify marriages, and parenting is more than just a “feel good” movement, but necessary to the sustainability of our generation and our posterity!

Education/ The heart of No Substitute is to teach people how to build better relationships under the simple, age-old, premise – “when you know better, you do better.”  We began women’s fellowships around the Bible, specifically to help women learn biblical tools, practical, effective wisdom, on how to make their relationships work!  The revelation that we have that gets results is this – information alone is not enough.  The renewing of the mind is a process. Our souls – the thinker, chooser, and feeler – was not built in a day, but over a lifetime of experiences and inputs.  Using the “Chain of Destiny” model, what we truly teach, is how to build a person’s relationship with God and use the natural process of how our minds work to build healthier mindsets.  With time, brokenness is exchanged for the ability to connect with others healthily!

Restoration/ It wasn’t long before we realized that if you truly want to empower growth – the root must be addressed. Many times the way UP, is to first go DOWN – exploring what’s underneath the surface.  Women experience emotional trauma throughout their lives that produce so much hurt and shame that it actually inhibits the ability to make healthy connections.  Fear and shame stifle identity, intimacy, honesty and trust – all of which are key to strong relationships.  Rape, sexual exploitation and abuse, molestation, loss of loved ones, abortion, miscarriage, fertility problems, rejection, divorce – and the list goes on, are all very common, and extremely devastating.  Contrary to popular belief, time alone does not heal all wounds.  No Substitute believes that there is no wound, however, Spirit, Soul, or Body, that cannot be healed by the Love of God.  In addition to educating women on how to be better wives, mothers, sisters, and friends, we provide forums, resources, and outreach to connect women with what they need for complete healing.  When the foundation is restored, the stage is set for miraculous, life-changing results in every relationship in a woman’s life.

Protection/ Here’s another adage for you – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Or maybe you’re more familiar with “The best offense is defense.”  No Substitute believes that exposing the traps, tricks, and deception that lure women into unhealthy situations can literally save lives.  We cover tough subjects without fear such as sex, pornography, and addiction in order to provide young women and girls with an awareness that will empower them from becoming involved in abusive, destructive, emotionally damaging situations.  We know that circumventing the mental, emotional, and physical train wrecks that many of us endured, creates new horizons and opportunities to make the future a better place!  Our events and conferences focus on 5 key aspects of relational health – Identity, Value, Acceptance, Affirmation, and Companionship.  Our goal is to develop a viral, thriving, culture that understands who they are, their value to God and their loved ones! Just as there is no substitute for their relationship with God, there is also no substitute for who God created them to be!

Call to Action/ Does the education, restoration, and protection of women strike a chord in your heart?  If so, add your ME with our WE and make IMPACT with US! No Substitute Ministries has impacted hundreds of women, in the U.S. as well as 50 countries around the globe!  Continuing and growing this impact requires support! By sponsoring No Substitute for $50, $100, $250 or ANY donation that you feel led to give, you will be contributing more than money – you will be investing in the lives of women all over the world!  Taking a step further to become an ambassador, you can help by sharing our story and vision to family, friends, and business associates to personally raise over $1,000 for this great cause!  Wherever you stand, the opportunity is here and now to change the world –

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