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Validate Your Feelings

There are times when we suppress, deny or minimize our feelings because we may have been not have been shown how to regulate our emotion. In addition, we may have been taught that we should not feel angry, hurt, or sad. As a result, you may have developed a habit of suppressing some emotions, wishing or praying them away. Watch Bianca talk about how to ‘Validate Your Feelings’ “read more…”

The Indispensable Woman – Part 2

What is an Indispensable Woman?

An Indispensable Woman is a woman who is absolutely, vitally necessary, essential, extremely valuable and not to be disregarded or looked over.

Read the notes inside for a spiritual and practical breakdown of the Keys to Becoming an Indispensable Woman!

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The Indispensable Woman Pt. 1

Notes provided below!

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