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NSM Presents: Woman 2 Woman! A REALTalk Panel on Being Indispensably Good

Join No Substitute Ministries on Saturday, November 1, 2014 for Woman 2 Woman: A REALTalk Panel on Being Indispensably Good

Our POWERFUL guest speakers will lead us in life-changing conversation, inspiration, and revelation centering around the very pillars that build the Woman’s soul – acceptance, value, affirmation, companionship, and identity!

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Near-Sighted: A Story of “Corrected Vision”


Crystal clear vision is a daily necessity – I needed glasses. Badly. Yes, I’m a contact lens wearer; but still need glasses for that in-between time (“Blurred Lines” is not nearly as entertaining as Robin Thicke would have us believe).“read more…”

The Indispensable Woman – Part 2

What is an Indispensable Woman?

An Indispensable Woman is a woman who is absolutely, vitally necessary, essential, extremely valuable and not to be disregarded or looked over.

Read the notes inside for a spiritual and practical breakdown of the Keys to Becoming an Indispensable Woman!

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The Indispensable Woman Pt. 1

Notes provided below!

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